Mostly I will talk here about Energy Clearing, Space Clearing and Matrix Energetics. What I see, feel and experience is happening in this area.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring Energy Cleansing

Lets get at our Spring Cleanup and Energy cleansing with the thoughts, feelings and with the full intention of cleaning and cleansing our home of all the old, stagnant and non beneficial energies. Making room for new beginnings and energies of Love, Happiness and Prosperity. We will do this in three steps.
The FIRST and basic step to allowing in positive life energy is to clear one’s surroundings of any clutter. Clutter in the home, acts as a mental and energetic block. Do you really expect living surrounded in a mess and clutter that there is any room left for good, positive energy? For some of us this task might involve quite some time and effort. So lets get started.

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