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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Eneregy Cleansing

Spring Energy Cleansing.

As the Spring Equinox heralds the arrival of spring, it is the time of renewal in both nature and the home, so time for some spring-cleaning! Lets get at our Spring Cleanup and Energy cleansing with the thoughts, feelings and with the full intention of cleaning and cleansing our home of all the old, stagnant and non beneficial energies. Making room for new beginnings and energies of Love, Happiness and Prosperity. We will do this in three steps.
The FIRST and basic step to allowing in positive life energy is to clear one’s surroundings of any clutter. Clutter in the home, acts as a mental and energetic block. Do you really expect living surrounded in a mess and clutter that there is any room left for good, positive energy? For some of us this task might involve quite some time and effort. So lets get started.

Step TWO, on to the physical cleaning, surface clean your place. Should be done 1 or 2 days before the Spring Equinox. Get out the Vacuum, dust the hole place, wipe down the cabinets, wash the floors, check the drawers. Pay attention to corners or under furniture. Remember this is supposed to be fun! Listen to some good music, get your partner involved get exited about making room for new and fresh energies in your space and life.

Preparing for step THREE.
You want to get a few things ready.
Sound: To loosen stuck energy sound works great. If you have a nice sounding bell or a Tibetan bell-singing bowl or native clapping sticks or a drum works great. Clapping your hands is also a very intense way. You don’t have to go and buy anything, your hands are a great tool.
Smoke/Smudging: Burning incense or herbs like, Sandalwood, Cedar, Myrrh, Sweet grass or Sage. Sage is a powerful purifier and inexpensive. A small bag does the trick. Do not forget to open the windows, the fire alarm might not like the the smoke to much.

Final step. This should be done on Sunday. The collective universal energy will be the strongest on the day of the Spring Equinox. Be clear about your intentions. Cleansing old, stuck and non beneficial energies. Bringing in energies of Love, Happiness, Freedom and Prosperity............! Open all cabinet doors, drawers and windows.
Start at the entrance door and walk clockwise thru your place walking around each room, striking your bell, instrument or clapping your hands. Listen to the sound when you pass by an area, specially in corners. Is the sound more flat or dull? Continue using the instrument till it sounds clearer before moving onward, loosen up all the stuck and stale energy. You end at the entrance door where you started.

Now get your incense or herbs, light them until it starts to smoke, blow out the fire, all you want is smoke. Walk around the same as you did with your instrument, smudge every corner, around and as good you can underneath furniture, have the windows open so the non beneficial energy can leaf and the good energy can come in. Walk thru your space, be thankful for the new energies, be happy and enjoy!


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