Mostly I will talk here about Energy Clearing, Space Clearing and Matrix Energetics. What I see, feel and experience is happening in this area.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Space Clearing

Smudging, a Native North American Ritual.

Herbs such as Sage, Sweet grass or Myrrh are used in smudging. The smudge stick is lit and quickly extinguished and the smoke is gently guided to clear negative stagnant energy in a room or home. Single herbs can be used in an incense burner. With this method you can clear unpleasant energies and odors and replace with pleasant ones.

Ringing a Bell.

Ringing a bell in closed spaces helps clear negative energy. The ringing of the bell naturally loosens stagnant energy and helps to disperses negative energy. This property of bells maybe a reason, bells are prevalent in many places of religious worship. More info: http://www.spaceclearing.ws/

Feng Shui

Meaning wind-water is an ancient Chinese system to balance the energy of any given place. With the correct placement of the 5 Elements in your space, enhancing the flow of positive energy. More info: http://www.canadafengshui.com/

All of this really makes a positive difference. As long you as put your intention your thoughts your feelings in to what you are doing with Love and happiness.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to clear or remove detrimental Earth energies, negative Beings, hexes or spells or energies from the dark side on your own this way.
more info: http://www.energydowsing.ca/

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